Currently On Tap

Samual Grays offers the rare experience of ten craft beers on tap at any one time. With the full size bar, you can enjoy a buffet of crispy cool beers and ciders chosen specifically for our customers. As we are always on the hunt for new tastes, you’ll find the tap beers will change from time to time. We also have a range of standard beers and ciders.
  1. The Lime Radler
  2. The ‘Perfect’ Pils
  3. Big Head Lager
  4. Wayfarer Tropical Pale Ale
  5. ‘Ravishing Red Goddess IPA
  6. Windjammer IPA
  7. Diablo ‘Devilish’ Ginger Beer
  8. Willys Scottish Ale
  9. ‘Island Time’ Cider
  10. ‘Black Hole of Calcutta’

Craft Beer Bottles

Fortitude Pacer
Big Head (No Carb)
One Fifty Lashes
Peroni Green


Batlow Premium
Batlow Cloudy
Somersby Pear