How to order online Pick-Up and Delivery directly from Samual Grays:

  1. You can order from the Web Online Menu.
  2. The same menu you will see on our Facebook page following “Shop now” button.
  3. Download MegaPay app on the Apple Store or Google Play. it’s the easiest way to pay and order delivery or pick-up because it will keep securely your payment profile and address for future ordering. Plus you can track the driver via GPS.
  4. If you see our meals with the QR code next to them, try to order by scanning via MegaPay app – another great way of ordering.

Please note that online orders are available only during hours listed online.

 Falimy deal
Every single order is important to us that is why we chose MegaPay payment system.
They provide the real support to our business, including:
  • Great customer service
  • Delivery to any part of your suburb
  • Easy and secure payments

Download MegaPay app now